Ja, aber die Zuckermonster

Objectively speaking, chocolate is of course not a staple food – but subjectively speaking, we are not entirely in agreement.

Our booklet, handmade with love, tries to get to the bottom of this highly scientific question.

Handy (5.5 cm x 9.5 cm),
compact (30 pages),
understandable (balanced picture-word ratio) and with a
WOW finale (colorful pop-up).

„Ya, but … the Sugarmonsters“ – mini picture book for Euro 6,– + shipping

And for everyone who would rather read less and wants more action, we also have mini films in the form of flip books (only the highlights – in 4 episodes).

Handmade again, but very old-fashioned – the first known flip book dates from the 19th century.

Super handy (4.5 cm x 2.5 cm),
even more compact (27 pages),
even more understandable (no words at all)
and dynamic (a film).

„Ya, but … “ – mini flip book (really mini!) each Euro 6,– + shipping

The comic artist and illustrator Franz Suess has invited 12 artists to contribute a picture for his exhibition „Sonntage (Hall & Echo)“ 2018 in the MQ in Vienna in the KABINETTpassage. Here it is …

Folded (10 cm x 6 cm),
goes all around (almost infinitely).

„Ya, but … Sunday“ – comic strip as a fanfold for Euro 1,50 + shipping

Totally casual on every jacket or bag - alternative medals for the opera ball.

White or natural paper,
with a lapel pin,
2.5 cm in diameter.

„Ya, but …“ – mini buttons  each Euro 1,– + shipping

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You can also buy the „Ya, but … the Sugarmonsters“ – mini picture book
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Conceived, put on paper with pencil and hand-cut book by book by
Moana Rom & Wolf Matzl jaaber@wolfmatzl.at

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